• Tracey Barrett, Certified Installer

Our thermal plastic coating is applied to pool surfaces as a thermal spray which is engineered to have more consistent color than traditional plaster pool finish, resulting in excellent color uniformity. It also resists checking and cracking, which occur in normal dust finishes. Several intensive tests have been done on our thermal polymeric pool finishes to test their durability and performance under extreme heat, cold, chlorine levels, UV rays and more, and all have had stellar results. Visit our Advantages page to see a full list of the benefits of our thermal polymeric pool finish.

Plaster pool finishes have been around for decades. Over the years, problems with plaster finishes have started to increase more and more. Common issues include cracking, various staining, and an extremely complicated start up procedure. Our thermal polymeric pool finish is the most advanced product to hit the pool industry. Polymer coating is a strong, low maintenance, durable finish, developed to last for many years to come. To learn more about plaster and marcite pools, or our thermal polymeric pool finishes, contact us today!